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Also Suitable for Filtering High-Viscosity Liquids

Deformation resistant and highly resistant to high-viscosity liquids

The CLEAL® CP Filter is made from ES fibers, which are thermally and three-dimensionally bonded to each other, making it a strong filter.
For that reason, pressure drop during liquid passage is lower than with general melt-blown filters (general MB products), and compaction is less likely to occur.
Pressure drop also varies depending on the nature of the liquid. The higher the viscosity of the liquid, the higher the pressure drop during liquid passage and the greater the likelihood of compaction. As a result, the filter may become deformed in some cases.
The CLEAL® CP Filter can filter such high-viscosity liquids, and deformation is less likely to occur even after liquid has passed through.

General Melt-Blown Filters

General Melt-Blown Filters

With Compaction

CLEAL® CP Filters

CLEAL® CP Filters

Without Compaction

*High-viscosity liquid flow test

High-viscosity liquid flow test

*Photos of the filter after the flow test

A general melt-blown filter with deformation

一般メルトブローフィルター 変形あり

With Deformation

A CLEAL® CP Filter, without deformation

CLEAL®CPフィルター 変形なし

Without Deformation

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