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Advantages of Our Products

Our unique filter medium design and quality control provide long-term stable performance.

The special bicomponent fibers used as materials in JNC Filter’s products have a core-sheath structure consisting of a polymer with a high melting point as a core and coated with a polymer with a low melting point.

Therefore, when manufacturing non-woven cloth at a temperature between the melting points of the two materials, the molten coating polymer adheres the fibers to each other while maintaining the three-dimensional structure of the core polymer.
Then, cooling is used to create a strong network structure that maintains the three-dimensional structure.

JNC Filter’s products that use such thermobonded fibers are distinctive for their excellent pressure resistance and long-term stable filtration performance.
Take a look at how JNC Filter’s products achieve excellent performance thanks to thorough quality control.

Here, we explain the advantages of JNC Filter’s products in more detail.
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The Strength of Our Products

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