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Frequently Asked Questions

Appendix for better understanding of JNC filter cartridges


A cartridge filter is normally a filter tube in cylindrical shape. The cartridge filter is installed in the housing (vessel) in which liquids or gases are filtered. The used filter element will be changed out easily, and the filter is widely used in such industries as petrochemical, chemicals, paints, coatings, inks, printing, plating, electronics, photography, etc.


The filter is installed in a housing (vessel), and a fluid is pumped through the filter at a given flow rate. Please inquire if you have difficulty selecting the type of housing, pump, or cartridge filter.


Customer requirements encompass excellent filtration accuracy, liquid and air permeability, pressure resistance, long filter service life. JNC cartridge filters have a structure of thermally bonded bi-component fiber network in which the fiber-to-fiber bonding at every contact point provides clean and rigid filtration characteristics, achieving finer filtration, excellent permeability and long filter service life. The filter structure with consistent and reproducible filtration characteristics contributes to cost reduction. Furthermore, there is no media migration of filter elements and high tolerance for pressure.


A filter rating indicates the particle sizes requiring removal by passing through the filter. It is one of the important parameters of micro-filtration. We at JNC Filter usually explain removal ratings as "Initial Particle Removal Efficiency". Please refer to each page as to the actual removal ratings of our products.


The filter service life is determined by either a high differential pressure or filter degradation with passage of time. The specific service lifetime differs for operating conditions without any general index. The filter service life determined by differential pressure is the pressure difference between inlet and outlet pressures. For example, the filter service life of CLEAL® CP FILTER varies for operating conditions. In general, differential pressure at P= 1.0 to 1.5 bar is the index of filter service life. When the pump pressure is constant, the pressure on the outlet of the housing and the decrease in flow rate on the outlet is monitored. The element itself deteriorates with passage of time, heat, chemicals, which affect the filter service life. Please inquire if you have difficulty with the test method for filter service life.

CP FILTER compatible with Competitors' housings

Competitive products may have lengths in inch units, and standard products may not be suitable. We provide various specifications. Please inquire.

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