JNC Filter Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the development, manufacture, and sale of liquid filters, primarily for its cartridge-type CLEAL® CP Filter, which is formed from polyolefin bicomponent fibers called ES fibers developed by the diversified chemicals manufacturer JNC Corporation (formerly Chisso Corporation).
This section introduces the distinctive strengths of JNC Filter and the products we offer.


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01Advantages of JNC Filter

What sets JNC Filter apart is the ability to provide products with stable and highly reliable quality and excellent function, thanks to a system where all processes from raw material procurement to filter formation can be completed within the JNC Group.Liquid filters are used in a wide range of fields, including the chemical industry, electronics and semiconductors, foods, medical care, and cosmetics. They work behind the scenes to support a wide range of products and technologies.


02Advantages of Our Products

The special bicomponent fibers used as JNC Filter’s materials have a core-sheath structure consisting of a polymer with a high melting point as a core and coated with a polymer with a low melting point.Therefore, when manufacturing non-woven cloth at a temperature between the melting points of the two materials, the molten coating polymer adheres the fibers to each other while maintaining the three-dimensional structure of the core polymer.Then, cooling is used to create a strong network structure that maintains the three-dimensional structure.

Product Information

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge Filters

JNC Filter’s liquid cartridge filters are made of special fibers with a strong network structure formed by thermal bonding, resulting in excellent pressure resistance and long-term stable filtration performance.



Housings are cases for storing filters. They are an essential item for liquid filtration.JNC Filter’s housings enhance the filter function and achieve the quality that customers require.

Basic Facts on Cartridge Filters

This section introduces the basic facts necessary to use liquid cartridge filters properly.

Basic Facts on Housings

There are various types of housings, and they use many different parts.This section mainly explains the roles of these parts.


About Activated Carbon Thermoforming

JNC Filter has Stem® filters made by thermoforming activated carbon.Contact us with any questions.

Technical Information


Chemical Resistance Data

We have evaluated the materials used in JNC Filter’s products through immersion tests and usage results with our own original evaluation method.



This section explains technical terms related to cartridge filters and housings.

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